Industrial manufacturers are pressured with shrinking margins, higher production demands, and the need to be more efficient. Understanding the process is the first step helping our clients to be able to optimization their operations.

With expertise to perform a detailed evaluation of your existing process, equipment, facility, and control systems to develop a plan to improve your operations. From the FEL/FEED stages to maintain, we are there side by side with our clients.

Many times a pre-evaluation comes at a time when there is an issue with the process. ACME Engineering and Technology is alone a phone call away when your process is down. We get our clients back up and running in no time. Once the dust settles, we are called back in to do a proper evaluation to mitigate any future occasions.

In addition to offering our core engineering services, we have teamed up with other industrial leaders that enables us to offer a complete package to our clients. That is our mission, our values, and vision – Engineering for tomorrow, Today.

Engineering Services

Master PlanningConceptual/Detailed EngineeringPFDs. P&IDs, and Plant Layout
Cost EstimatingMass/Energy Balance ModelingProcess and Control SImulations
Process DescriptionsFunctional DescriptionUser Specification Requirements
Project SchedulingBid EvaluationOwner’s Engineer
Site and System Baseline ReviewObsolences Surveys

Electrical & Control System Engineering

Control Systems have evolved to mean many things to different people, in fact, the term of Automation can mean many things. ACME Engineering ad Technology LLC brings a clear understanding to our clients when we approach any project.

The control system is the heart of you manufacturing process. From the process measurement instruments, wires & cables, process controller, I/O modules, networks, HMI, servers,…, to great folks that operate, uses, and maintain these system.

Planning and AnalysisStandards DevelopmentSpecifications (Control System)
Complete System DesignManufacturing IntelligenceSpecifications (Instrumentation)
Network DesignProject ManagementSpecifications (OT/IIOT)
Master PlanningVirtualization Design (Hardware/Software)Network and Control Design
(ControlNet, DeviceNet, ASI Bus,
ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP, …)
including Fiber Networks and Radio Telemetry
Asset ManagementPanel DesignOperational and Maintenace Manual
UPS and Power ConditioningLightingTraining
MCC DesignGrounding Systems Power Studies
Power Coordination/Arc Flash StudiesVendor SelectionsI/O Schematics
Motor DiagramsElectrical SIngle LinesPanelboard Schedules